About Babity Boo:

Welcome to Babity Boo, we are a small independent craft business selling a range of art and gifts aimed to bring joy to the recipient!  We sell beautifully illustrated pictures, ceramics, accessories and homeware.  All designs originate from hand drawn and painted artwork by Corinne Maclaine, inspired by Scottish woodland and coastal settings (see more below).  You can also commission your own art work just by getting in contact!

About me:

My name’s Corinne (pleased to meet you!) and I grew up in the Outer

Hebrides of Scotland. I’ve always loved drawing and painting and at school, art was probably my favourite subject (although we always seemed to be drawing bits of old cars and decomposing fruit, hmmm…). Over the years I’ve dabbled a little in some drawing and sketching here and there, but it wasn’t until the birth of our daughter, Holly, that I really got enthusiastic.

For the first time I got excited about the fact that you could draw and create anything (unbelievably this hadn’t really occurred to me before!). I began drawing things that I wanted to see or things that I think will make people happy, laugh or feel comforted by.

Our family now live in Perthshire, Scotland and my inspiration comes mainly from the surrounding woodland and rivers, animals and nature but also from the home where I grew up – the Isle of Lewis.

I started this venture in 2017 and I’ve been so pleased with the response from my wonderful customers.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. Happy shopping!